Meet the members of the Duncan-North Cowichan Citizens' Assembly

The members of Duncan-North Cowichan Citizens' Assembly were selected using a Civic Lottery. 10,000 area residents were randomly selected to receive an invitation to volunteer. From a pool of 144 volunteers, the 36 members of the Assembly were randomly selected to broadly represent the population and communities that make up the two municipalities.

The members are volunteers and have each generously agreed spend more than 50 hours serving on this Assembly. They do not receive an honorarium or any form of personal compensation. Together they will produce a report advising the Duncan and North Cowichan Councils on whether to pursue the amalgamation of the two municipalities.

Their names are posted below as a matter-of-record; however we ask that you please respect their privacy and do not contact the members. Instead, if you would like to convey information to the Assembly, please email the Assembly team:

Tanya Ablonczy

Andy Anand

Jim Atkinson

Martin Barker

Jaye Bryan

David Clark

Dee Dohm

Nora Dowsett

Beverly Hampson

Hendrik Hiensch

Shiyana Hunter

Tyler Jackson

Kathryn Jacobsen

Mona Kaiser

Richard Matthews

Justin Mcnutt

Anne Murray

Susan Newns

Fred Oud

Marilyn Palmer

Lance Reese

Don Reynierse

Kelly Ringer-Soikie

Ross Shilton

Barb Swanson

Sarah Thibault

Jackie Thomas

Rick Waddell

Alec Wheeler

Gus Williams

Andrew Wilson

Anthony Wingham

Jacqueline Wood

Three further Assembly members were selected, but were not able to take part in the entire process. These are Michael Mulholland, Fiona Barr, and Vicki Easingwood. We thank them for their contribution.